You live in a SMICTOM CENTRE OUEST's city.
SMICTOM is a collectivity at your service for  waste's  collection and treatment in 65 cities.

The collection

Yellow and green bins are always separately collected
       *Green bin, for the household waste, is collected once a week.
       *Yellow bin, for the recyclable packaging , is collected once a fortnight.
       *If there is a holiday , the collection is moved for 24 hours.

To know when to take your bins out, select on the website's home page your address in the part " COLLECTER VOS DECHETS "

Waste recycling

*Put the recyclable papers in the yellow bin : newspapers, adds, magazines, white envelope without plastic film
*Put the bottles, jars in the suitable bottle bank (without plugs or corks)
*Put your big cardboards in the waste reception centers.
* If you have any doubt, just put your packaging or paper in the green bin
*Be careful with this sign Point vert tri. It means that the product's manufacturer play a part financially in the waste valuation's program

Just one rule , look at the "memo tri"

The waste reception centers

To know addresses, operational hours or authorized/refused waste in the 9 waste reception centers, please peruse VOS DECHETERIES

Reduce your waste

To reduce your waste and the number of collection's production and also to reduce your bill, you can use many actions. Discover them in " RÉDUIRE SES DECHETS "

The incentive fee

As of January 1, 2015, the Incentive Fee replaces your old billing method.

To know more about the incentive fee, the bill and the rates, click here




To obtain bins for waste collection, send your request by filling in the form.



To repair or replace your bin, fill in the form. 


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